Our Team


Sanjay Vatsa

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer


Sanjay has more than 25 years of experience in senior global leadership positions having served as Managing Director at Citi, BlackRock, Merrill Lynch, etc. He has been instrumental in modernization & transformation of financial firms and has realized value of over ~$3bn through various initiatives. Sanjay is an expert in areas of data and analytics, the end to end investment trade life cycle, operational risk, business transformation and has managed and set up Shared Services globally.

Thomas Trepanier​

Managing Director, FinTech


Thomas Trepanier has over 20 years of experience in the financial services and software development industry. In early 2018, he joined Global Accelerated Ventures to lead the FinTech vertical. In his previous role at SWIFT, he was responsible for the payments and securities market infrastructure strategy and also led the global post trade division while based in London. Prior to working at SWIFT, he spent over 15 years working in software development and financial services at the DTCC (Omgeo), SunGard (FIS), Brown Brothers Harriman and The Bank of New York Mellon.

Soheib Ghizali

Director of Investor Relations

Mr. Ghizali is a corporate development specialist with 20+ years of experience in capital markets, business planning, strategic roadmaps, and investor relations.  He is also an expert at building effective strategies and deploying FinTech for operational efficiency. As an Associate VP at the Dubai Financial Market (the national stock exchange in Dubai) he headed the PMO team and was involved in numerous IPOs to include: EMAAR Malls, Dubai Parks, and Amanat Holdings.  At GAV Mr. Ghizali leads Investor Relations and fundraising initiatives by exercising his relationships with institutional investors, family offices, venture capital, and private equity.

Jose Manso

Partner, FinTech


Mr. Manso has extensive experience in global trade communications and settlements. Mr. Manso most recently was Founder & CEO of Middle Office Solutions, LLC with key product “Failstation” which is a settlement exception utility which was acquired to Bloomberg. Mr. Manso has served as V.P. of Post-Trade Services at SunGard and Managing Director for FMCNet Globally. Mr. Manso was responsible for FMCNet business which included sales, implementations, support, product management and Development. He served as Director of Strategic Sales and Account Management at Omgeo. Prior to joining Omgeo he was at The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).


Dr. Kam Momi

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Momi brings both healthcare management and subject matter expertise to our healthcare vertical; additionally, his entrepreneurial accomplishments are beyond reproach. Dr. Momi has most recently serves as President of Coastal Spine in the Northeast, was Chief of Spine Surgery at Jefferson Memorial, and Chief at Virtua Healthcare. He is Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery, member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and North American Spine Society.

Advisory Board

Sanjay Sachdev

Advisory Board Member – FinTech

Mr. Sachdev is a member of the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI), and was chairman of ZyFin Holdings, leading the asset management and economic research firm focused on the India, ASEAN, and MENA regions. Mr. Sachdev has served as chief executive officer of Tata Asset Management, managing director of both Shinsei Bank and Principal Financial Group in India, and in finance positions at DuPont International/Pioneer Hi-Bred.

Professor Robert Montgomery

Advisory Board Member – Conservation


Professor Montgomery has conducted research-informed conservation work around the globe and brings an incredible depth of experience to our conservation vertical. He has developed, validated, and scaled a number of innovative solutions for preserving wildlife and the functioning of the natural world. Professor Montgomery is also a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group and a Research Board member of the Detroit Zoological Society.

Marshall Saffer

Venture Partner

A strategic and operational business leader with demonstrated success in launching, growing and managing fintech companies with a focus on increasing revenues, expanding client bases and profitability. With over 20 years experience, Marshall Saffer has broad and deep domain experience in financial services, with a particular focus on technology and asset management operations. He has served in building businesses with a succession of senior roles at MIK Fund Solutions, Viteos Fund Services (Intertrust), & SS&C.


Thomas Buchar & Christopher Malter

Co-founders GAV

The two co-founders fought in the womb, were separated at birth, and have 20+ years of early stage investment and entrepreneurial experience respectively. Mr. Buchar was a former DoD Intelligence Analyst and has founded several successful global ventures with liquidity events lead by large multinationals. Buchar’s first venture Chicago Group International, Inc. was acquired by Polygram in 1994. He continued to invest and successfully develop disruptive technologies within Digital Media, Telecom, and FinTech verticals. Mr. Malter’s accomplishments are in parallel within healthcare where he launched seven block buster drugs; previously partnered with Newt Gingrich implementing turnarounds in Hemophilia Practices and investing in healthcare startups. Mr Malter was also appointed Chairman of the Life Sciences Council under Florida Governor Crist.