ELITE GAV FinTech Lounge – London Q2 2020

We bring our ELITE GAV FinTech Lounge to London Q2 2020 at LSEG & HubHub

ELITE GAV FinTech Lounge demystifies the fundraising process, allowing companies to choose the right partners for growth. From raising funds privately on ELITE’s own funding platform, to accessing the public markets, we connect companies with capital to support continued growth.


Quantitative requirements (hereinafter, the “ELITE Quantitative Requirements”):

· Turnover > $ 5 M (or less if revenues growth rate is > 15%)

· Operating earnings > 5% of turnover

· Positive net profit

Qualitative requirements (hereinafter, the “ELITE Qualitative Requirements” and, together with the ELITE Quantitative Requirements, the “ELITE Requirements”):

· High quality and highly ambitious business

· Demonstrate historic growth and future potential

· Convincing growth projections

· Credibile management

· Motivation to deal with the cultural, organizational, managerial change required to access long term financing opportunities

How do I join the Elite GAV
FinTech Lounge London?