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Information Technology workforce needs are outpacing IT workforce development by a 5 to 1 margin in multiple geographies. Through various partnership and grants; CodeSkools was developed to expose primary education students to “full stack” web application development to assist your community in building a knowledge based economy.

Our programs has been adopted by some of the largest public school districts in the country including Philadelphia County, Dade , Orange, Indian River, & Broward Counties in Florida and Washington D.C.

Developed by GAV, CodeSkools launched its initial coding academy as a community development initiative for Broward County, Florida Public Schools in the summer of 2017. Leveraging the experience from the first program, CodeSkools designed a high impact curriculum and support program for instructors to create measurable results in their communities.

The curriculum is built around insuring students achieve coding proficiency by providing pre-built environments to work; encouraging them to collaborate with others, develop an understanding of how to logically attack a business problem, and how to utilize external sources to construct solutions.

​Impact – Through Code Skools, we prepare students for a digital workplace. Through Code Skools, we level the workforce playing field for students at all socioeconomic levels. Through Codes Skools, we offer students hope and confidence to compete on the same playing field.


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