Practices Conservation (ESG)

In an exceptionally dynamic 21st century, conserving the ecological functioning of the world has become one of the greatest challenges facing society. Ecological destruction, climate change, pollution and ocean plastics, pandemics, and biodiversity loss threaten the environment and the quality of life of the world’s rapidly-expanding human population. It is within these coupled human and natural systems where we position our interventions. Our mission is to develop sustainable solutions for the world’s environmental problems by commercializing conservation-oriented technological innovations. In pursuing this mission, we develop robust partnerships with the top-ranked universities in the world. At each university, we create Conservation Venture Studios which act as accelerators to rapidly bring the outputs of research and development (R&D) activities to market. Via this process, we build strong bridges between university and industry leaders to make conservation technologies commercially available around the world.

Our R&D activities involve the development and application of conservation technologies in on-campus laboratories. These technologies are subsequently validated in outdoor ecological laboratories affiliated with each university. The beta testing then takes place in a series of private and fully-fenced partner reserves in South Africa. These reserves represent real-world systems where are conservation technologies can be rigorously field-tested. We then conclude our technology testing in unfenced coupled human and natural systems in Uganda. Once the technologies have been validated at this level, they are ready for market and commercialization around the world.

Our Conservation Venture Studio model is built upon the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. All of our technological innovations are oriented to productively contribute to the world’s environmental challenges. In doing so, we deploy the principles of the human heritage-centered conservation (HHCC) model to evidentially build conservation capacities in human communities in the most socially responsible ways. Furthermore, we maintain a high degree of transparency in our approaches to maintain the highest standard governance structures.

Our Conservation Venture Studios are world leading institutions in developing nimble, responsive, and timely solutions that can effectively sustain the ecological functioning of the world while improving the livelihood of Earth’s human population.


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